Humans of the U: Sheva Mozafari

“Gov. Herbert announced my appointment to the Utah Board of Regents on May 24, 2019. I’m honored to represent all the students who attend public colleges and universities in the state, and especially proud to do this as a student from the University of Utah. I know so many of my fellow students in the state are qualified for this position, so it’s incredible that the governor chose me to be the student regent for next year.

To me, being a fully active and a voting member of the board is the most important aspect of the student position. It’s not an honorary position to simply check a box. The student who holds this position gets to vote on educational policy and enact real change. I’m excited to begin advocating for all of Utah’s university and college students.

For two years I gained leadership experience as a presidential ambassador for Presidents Pershing and Watkins. Both taught me important lessons about holding positions of power and fulfilling your role to the best of your ability at all times. Especially when representing a community of thousands.

I also observed the importance of working collaboratively, listening to others, forming your own opinion, speaking up when needed and being confident and resolute. I plan to use all my experience to raise up and support my fellow Utahans.

As the student regent, I will keep the board aware of the needs and issues that are important to students on various campuses. Because the issues that are important to students at Dixie State are different from those at Weber State and different from those here at the U, I plan to be in constant contact with the student body presidents at the various institutions. After all, they know their students better than anyone on their campuses.

This next year will be a truly transformative experience for me. To be the student voice for an entire state is a really big honor and one that I won’t take lightly.”

—Sheva Mozafari, student regent, Utah State Board of Regents, senior, Honors Integrated Health Science major

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