Ginger Cannon, the active transportation manager for the University of Utah, poses with her bicycle along a campus bike and pedestrian path.

Humans of the U: Ginger Cannon

“I tend to choose job roles that are innovative as this gives me the freedom to enact change and serve people. We need healthy environments to be our best selves, so my focus has always been on creating healthy spaces that improve the quality of life for everyone.

There is a direct relationship between the surrounding built environment and our individual health and well-being. I want our university community to have equitable access to transportation options that improve our health, save us time and money and don’t negatively impact our natural world.

We have to rethink our travel choices to combat the effects of climate change. We can’t have clean air if we continue to build environments that prioritize or induce more driving. I believe our community deserves greater access to sustainable transportation choices that safely and efficiently move people, not cars.

Data tells us half of the trips taken in our region are under three miles. If you are a person who is mobile, try walking or biking to your next destination; research tells us you’ll be happier and more productive throughout your day. And if you happen to stroll or roll past me, I promise to give you a friendly wave and big, encouraging smile.”

—Ginger Cannon, active transportation manager