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Humanities intelligence

Lessons learned in the humanities set you up not only for multiple career paths but for an education that will see you through a lifetime.

In a world driven more and more by artificial intelligence, we could use more humanities intelligence. The crunching of big data and the hum of giant server farms can only take us so far. It is the human interpretation that provides meaning, context and the ideas that really shape the world.

Humanities teaches us to ask why we do things, an essential coupling with learning how we do things in the STEM disciplines. The difference between good and great scholarship depends on the broad-based and creative thinking skills acquired in an innovative undergraduate program.

Humanities’ lessons in critical, creative and comparative thinking, cultural understanding and effective communication apply not only to multiple career paths, but to the rest of what we do in life—for a multi-dimensional world requires more than a one-dimensional education.

Yes, ours is an education for a lifetime. A life not less ordinary but a life extraordinary. There is nothing artificial in understanding the human experience. And there is nothing more human than to wonder: Who are we? Why are we here? Why do we do the things we do?

Your humanities education will reach across the arc of human experience to consult the wisdom of our predecessors and help build our contemporary interpretation of our current existence. You will also lay the foundation for a successful career that will see you rise up faster than most of your contemporaries because you possess a quality in high demand—humanities intelligence.