HR Updates

HR Employee Engagement Survey Results

Thank you to all who completed this year’s employee engagement survey.  We had a great participation rate with 2,838 completed responses, representing about 59 percent of the total surveyed population.

The employee survey measured five factors that impact employee commitment:

  • Satisfaction with development
  • Satisfaction with pay
  • Satisfaction with socialization
  • Job satisfaction
  • Trust

Job satisfaction and trust are the key factors in maintaining and raising employee commitment, specifically effective commitment. Development, socialization and pay are three factors that influence job satisfaction and trust.

Strategies and tactics that address employee needs in these three factors will have an indirect but discernible impact on employee commitment level.  This valuable information aids the University of Utah in continuing its status as an employer of choice and a great place to work.

This year’s survey results are very favorable and indicate that the university is headed in the right direction. The university increased in all five areas measured, with trust being the most improved.

The results of the survey and definition of the factors can be found here.

NOTE: University of Utah Health employees did NOT take part in this survey. Separate surveys, tailored to those employees were distributed by U of U Hospitals and Clinics and U of U Academics.

Retirement Plan News and Information from Fidelity Investments and TIAA

Fidelity Share Class Change

Fidelity has announced that certain index funds offered in the University’s 401(a), 403(b) and 457(b) Plans are expected to change on November 2, 2018.  Each of the share classes will be consolidated into the lowest cost share class for each impacted fund.  This will translate to lower costs for plan members for each of the impacted funds.  Each fund’s investment objective, strategy and risk will remain the same.  Employees with balances in those funds do not need to take any action.  Any balance will automatically be exchanged into the lowest cost share class.

Upcoming workshops on campus:

Make the Most of Social Security

Learn how to maximize your retirement savings, ways to save for retirement beyond your workplace savings plan, and steps you can take today to get prepared for retirement.

Aug.28 | 12 p.m.: 102 Downtown

Aug. 29 | 12 p.m.: Moran Eye Center

Sept. 13 | 12 p.m.:  Eccles Broadcasting Center

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Prepare for the Reality of Health Care in Retirement
Sept. 13 | 12 p.m. : Moran Eye Center

Learn about the costs of health care in retirement and how you can prepare for them.

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Upcoming webcasts:

Pay Off Student Loans Faster—and Still Save for Your Future
Aug. 28 | 11 a.m.
Aug. 29 | 1 p.m.

You’ll get strategies for paying off your loans quickly while focusing on other financial goals.

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Saving for College in Three Easy Steps
Sept. 6 | 11 a.m.
Sept. 12 | 1 p.m.

Learn how to put money aside for college without losing sight of your overall financial picture.

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Responsible Investing
Sept. 13 | 10 a.m.

Responsible Investment aims to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions, to better manage risk and generate sustainable, long-term returns. Learn ways for you to consider incorporating RI practices into your investments strategies.

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Market-Proof Your Retirement
Sept. 17 | 10 a.m.

Am I overexposed to market losses? Will I outlive my money? Am I confident that I can retire on my terms? In retirement—and the years leading up to it—protecting your savings becomes just as important as growing it. Join this webinar and see how you can market-proof your retirement.

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Estate Planning Basics
Sept, 25 | 10 a.m.

Ensuring that our assets will pass to loved ones and causes that are near and dear is important to most of us. Discover the basic estate planning components and strategies to ensure that your wishes are met.

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The 411 On 529 College Savings Plans
September 26 at 10 am

You can learn all about how 529 college savings plans work and how to invest in one for a child, grandchild, yourself or other loved one.

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