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Freestanding lactation pods now on campus

In August 2018, a new feature was added to the campus map to pinpoint all the known lactation rooms. Now, five more unique spaces have been added to the list. U Facilities teams have rolled out freestanding lactation pods made by Mamava—a modern, flexible and cost-effective solution to quickly meet the ongoing demand for private accommodations that nursing parents need across campus.

In 2015, the Utah Legislature passed H.B. 242 for state and local government employees that mandated accommodations for nursing in the workplace, which was also aimed at preventing discrimination. In December 2022, an amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was passed, protecting all breastfeeding employees at the federal level. The amendment requires employers to provide reasonable breaks and access to a sanitary and private room that is not a bathroom—a critical designation as so many nursing parents have been relegated to bathrooms without nursing accommodations in the past.

U Facilities teams are excited to provide these new pods to campus. The pods help meet the needs of nursing/pumping parents with additional options for a safe and private space. Not only is there no need for permits, construction or hardwiring, but these pods also have easy-to-clean surfaces, no carpets to absorb spills and smells and are self-contained with built-in furnishings, lighting and ventilation.

For security, the Mamava lactation pods are powered by Smart Access technology, with an app available in both the Apple and Google app stores. The pod is unlocked with one tap and once inside, the intelligent lock engages for a safe and secure experience.

Based on feedback and requests from the campus community, the pods have been installed in these five locations, which can be found on the campus map:

  1. Student Services Building (SSB) #40 – North end of the second level
  2. Biology Building (BIOL) #84 – First level, open space area
  3. HPER North (HPER N) #92 – Centrally located in the lower hallway
  4. Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology Building (SMBB) #151 – Second level
  5. Gardner Commons (GC) #48 – Second level

The U Facilities team is pleased to have installed the pods not just for the flexible infrastructure solution they provide but also because U Facilities teams are always proud to step up to meet the needs and demands of the campus community, especially when it relates to inclusivity and gender equity policies that help create OneU.

About U Facilities

The U Facilities operations organization consists of six districts responsible for building maintenance, custodial cleaning and infrastructure repairs and improvements. The leadership teams in these districts operate with a customer-first attitude and pride themselves on the professional relationships they create with colleges and campus departments. These relationships helped drive awareness about the need for additional lactation rooms and what led the teams to search for cost-effective solutions to make these spaces a reality sooner than later.