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Finishing strong, Recycle Rice-Eccles COVID-style

Participate in interactive bingo during the game Dec. 3 and enter to win a Sustainable Tailgate Package from ASUU.

Recycle Rice-Eccles has been one of the Associated Students of the University of Utah’s (ASUU) hallmark events for years now. It brings volunteers together with U fans to make tailgates a bit more sustainable by collecting recycling at specific tailgating events. Everyone gets to come together to root for the Utes while also sustainably managing our waste.

Given the pandemic, this year calls for a serious adaptation of Recycle Rice-Eccles. So, we’re taking to social media.

Sustain to Game Tailgate on Dec. 3

For our final home football game against Oregon State, we will be hosting an interactive bingo game! Check the ASUU Instagram page for three different bingo boards. The squares of the bingo board pertain to different events in the game and different sustainable lifestyle choices you can make.  For example, a sustainable bingo square is “I collect my glass recycling,” and a football square would be “Utah scores a rushing touchdown.” It will be up to you to mark up your bingo board.  We recommend taking a screenshot of the post and marking it on your phone.

Participate in this week’s bingo and enter to win a Sustainable Tailgate Package. This package includes a pop-up canopy made of recycled polyester, a range of reusable containers for your favorite beverages, a foldable chair for the bleachers at the stadium and some University of Utah decorations! With all of this gear, not only will you be tailgating like a pro, but you will also be tailgating sustainably as well.

Enter to win by posting a photo your bingo board and tag the ASUU Instagram page (uofustudentgov) and use the hashtag, #recyclericeeccles. You do not need to get bingo to enter. Check out the post on the ASUU Instagram (@uofustudentgov) on Thursday, Dec. 3, for more information on entering to win the Sustainable Tailgate Package!

Making a change to your lifestyle can seem daunting, so it is important to focus on small but impactful changes you can make. For example, using alternate methods of transportation (walk, bike, public transit) can help you lower your personal carbon footprint. Small daily choices like air-drying your washed clothes or turning the thermostat down a little in the winter can add up in a big way as well. Take a look at some of the different criteria on the bingo board for more ideas on ways to lead a more sustainable life.