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Fall Utah Mag hot off the presses

Tales from a graveyard, caring for aging family and more in Utah Magazine’s fall issue.

The latest issue of University of Utah Magazine has been released. Check out some of the highlights below.

"Tales from Yesteryear"

Travel back in time with stories of the fascinating figures buried in the Fort Douglas cemetery. In the fall, reenactors revive the tales of those who’ve gone before, highlighting the history of the 159-year-old graveyard and its lively, ghostly reputation. Here are some of the accounts of those interred.

"The Hidden Patients"

When someone falls ill as age takes a toll, dutiful family or friends often step in to look after those suffering—but their service comes at a cost. From lost wages to physical exhaustion, these unpaid caregivers face their own challenges. Health experts share recom­mendations to help ease the strain.

"Beneath the Surface"

What began as an idea from a capstone class at the U has turned into a new park in Salt Lake City—and a different way to look at water. With the help of alumni, professors, and an indefat­igable determination, these grads are getting long-suppressed creeks out to where the sun does shine.

"Leap of Faith"

Diver Luke McDivitt was only interested in universities on the east coast. But his mom—a proud U alum—encouraged him to visit Utah. “I fell in love almost immediately,” McDivitt says. “The team culture and coaching staff felt right.” And with just two seasons as a Ute, he’s already making a big splash as the 2021 Platform Champion, the Pac-12 Diver of the Year, an NCAA Championship finalist and the program’s only first-team All American on the 10-meter platform.


"Keeping Tradition Alive"

After graduating, former U football player Marcus Jones B.S. ’04 was struggling to find a place to play professionally. He got a job working at a restaurant in Salt Lake called the SkyBox and saw an opportunity. “I told the chef and owner that their barbecue wasn’t very good, and that I could do it better,” says Jones. He and his dad began barbecuing on weekends for the eatery. The pair eventually launched Miss Essie’s BBQ in Murray, Utah, and now provide catering, curbside pickup and online sauce orders.

"Ice Queen"

Cordero Zuckerman BA ’13 is no stranger to competition. At the tender age of 15, the third-degree black belt in karate vied for a spot on the U.S. figure skating team. Years later, when Zuckerman started skating for Cirque du Soleil and Royal Caribbean, he really hit his stride. “I knew then that I was destined to be on the stage,” Zuckerman says. Soon after, Denali Foxx (or simply Denali)—Zuckerman’s drag alter ego, inspired by his home state of Alaska—was born. Denali went on to compete on the 13th season of "RuPaul’s Drag Race"—a competition reality show on VH1.