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Nine things you may not know about the Marriott Library.
  1. Got kids? The Family Reading Room is located on level three and provides a spot for both students and their children. There are computers and group study areas and a lot of stuff for the little ones to keep them occupied. The room has recently been updated with new furniture and toys.
  1. A quiet space: The Graduate Student Reading Room, located on level one, is a quiet space that has been designed with graduate students in mind. The room is open anytime that the library is open. Locker rentals are available. Visit the web page for activities and to sign up for writing consultations held in the room through the Writing Center.
  1. Safety first: The library’s security team is here for you. Would you like a safety escort to your car or a campus building? How about a bike lock that you can check out for the day? Just go to the Information Desk on level one or three and ask one of the security staff members.
  1. Video games: That’s right, video games are in the library. You can check out the latest games like Rachet and Clank, No Man’s Sky, Destiny and more. Plus, the library also has in-house consoles on the second floor for student use as well. Just head over to the Reserve Desk for checkout and more details.
  1. New databases: It’s everything from hard research to Hollywood gossip. Several new databases have been purchased and are now available for your research and writing assignments. Some of the newest and best include Web of Science, Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive, San Francisco Chronicle Archive (dating back to 1869) and Early Arabic Printed Books Online.
  1. Active learning: Study, burn calories and decrease stress all at the same time. The library offers both a bike and treadmill desks on level three, near the entrance.
  1. Special Collections: Have you ever wondered what it feels like to hold a 400 year-old book in your hands? Come visit Special Collections on level four where you can immerse yourself in primary research materials such as rare books, manuscripts, multimedia archives and the print and journal collections. These incredible materials will make your paper sing.
  1. Group study rooms: Get ahead of the game by scheduling a study room for group project work. There are six rooms available for scheduling and students can schedule up to ten days in advance.
  1. Book Arts Program: Artists, writers and book lovers unite. The library’s Book Arts Program offers both credit and non-credit classes and workshops in a variety of topics including letterpress printing, photoengraving, bookbinding, bookmaking and more.

Visit the library’s website for more information and hours.