Custom course packets

It’s not always necessary to purchase an entire textbook when all faculty members really need for their curriculum is a few chapters. The Campus Store now offers a custom course packet service for faculty and staff to help students save money and allow faculty members to design a unique collection of materials for their particular course.

Let’s face it, course materials these days can be expensive. The Campus Store is constantly striving to lower fees and create better solutions for students, staff and faculty, and academic materials are a main point of focus, given their high cost and importance.

Faculty can begin using this resource immediately and get prepared for fall ahead of time with ease. Maybe you have course notes you’d like organized and bound together or articles that you’d like to gather into one booklet. Those and many other options are available, just in time for fall 2018.

To create and order your custom course packet, select the books and chapters you wish to include, along with any notes, photos, graphs or other elements, and fill out a course material form here. The Campus Store’s custom publishing team will process your request, noting your specifications of the style of printing style you prefer, how many copies you need, when you need them and any other custom requests.

In addition to saving your students money by combining only the essential content they need, custom publishing services saves you the headache of navigating copyright laws, royalty collections and managing large-scale printing—the Campus Store will handle all of those details for you.

The Campus Store strives to make the learning experience as streamlined as possible for all academic members. Printing, binding or uploading course materials is expensive, time-consuming and a hassle, so let the Campus Store take care of everything so you can focus on what you do best—teach.

If you have any questions about the new custom course packets program, please contact Rand Merritt at 801-581-3158, or Heidi Booth at 801-581-4158, or go here.

Order now to get custom packets for Fall Semester 2018.