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Changes to U tuition benefit coming in fall 2024

On May 18, 2023, the Board of Trustees of the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) amended Policy R824, Tuition Remission Benefits to state that tuition benefits for employees of Higher Education Institutions in the State of Utah may only apply to undergraduate tuition unless the institution specifically identifies programs for which additional waivers may apply.

The University of Utah is in the process of amending Policy 5-305, Reduced Tuition Programs, as well as the accompanying rule, to allow for additional tuition waivers for eligible university employees. To give current employees time to plan for their own education and the educations of their eligible family members, the university will continue the current tuition benefit through the Summer 2024 Semester. Effective with the Fall 2024 Semester, the employee tuition benefit will apply to base undergraduate tuition, base graduate tuition, and undergraduate differential tuition.

Employee tuition benefits for approximately 30 graduate-level programs charging differential tuition will phase out over the next academic year, ending in fall 2024.

Over time, the university’s tuition benefit has been more robust than those at most Pac-12 and flagship research institutions. The U launched its tuition benefit for employees more than 20 years ago. Colleges started charging differential tuition on graduate-level courses in 2009 to provide an exceptional experience for students. Over the ensuing years, academic programs have been operating at a loss of nearly $2.3 million each year due to the reduction in tuition dollars. These changes to the graduate program differential tuition will allow colleges and departments to better plan for and cover the full cost of each academic program.

Students who are employees or the eligible family member of an employee, who are enrolled in graduate-level courses during the Spring 2024 and/or Summer 2024 semesters, may receive grandfathered status for up to seven years.

See HR’s tuition benefit website for additional information.