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The Career & Professional Development Center introduces Alumnifire, a mentoring program for current U students looking for career guidance from a trusted source.

By the Career & Professional Development Center

We are excited to announce Alumnifire, a mentoring program for current University of Utah students looking for career guidance from a trusted source. As an integral part of the U community, you’re invited to join.

What is Alumnifire?

Alumnifire is a free online platform designed for current University of Utah students to connect with U alumni, faculty and staff working in a wide variety of careers to learn about different career pathways, gain insight and guidance and explore options.

Why join Alumnifire?

Joining Alumnifire is a great way to ignite your career. By joining Alumnifire, you are becoming part of an exclusive University of Utah community and simultaneously expanding your network by hundreds of successful individuals that want to help you. All of the 600+ alumni engaging with Alumnifire are there for the sole purpose of supporting you. These individuals have been where you are and are currently working in the careers in which you want to be. Connecting with alumni career guides, or mentors, within Alumnifire will provide you with insight, guidance and mentorship to help you reach your career goals.

Who is on Alumnifire?

Alumnifire currently has 600+ dedicated alumni and is growing every day. These alumni represent a wide range of industries, from engineering to health care, entertainment to government, animation to international work and beyond. Some are newer to the workforce and may be able to provide insight on their transition from college to industry, while many are seasoned professionals with deep experience and knowledge, including directors, CEOs and presidents. All alumni/career guides may offer a variety of services including informational interviews, resume feedback, networking opportunities and job shadowing. Many of these alumni are also currently seeking interns or full-time employees for their organizations.

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