A Healthier U

PEAK can come to you!

Are you interested in taking advantage of PEAK’s no-cost WellU services, but can’t find the time?

PEAK can come to you. We understand that university employees are busy and we would like to help every employee complete the requirements to be eligible for the WellU insurance premium discount. We are looking for groups that are interested in having PEAK come to their location to provide WellU services for interested employees. If your location has a space for us to use for a few hours, and at least six people interested in participating, we can offer services/testing in your building or office.

How this process works:

  • Choose the type of service you would like.
  • Secure a location for PEAK staff to use.
  • Schedule a time for us to come to you.
  • Spread the word to co-workers.

PEAK can provide the following no-cost participation options at your facility:

  • Personal training program development – your trainer can design a fitness program to keep you moving.
  • Wellness coaching – gain an ally in re-imagining possibilities for wellness and happiness.
  • Focused nutrition consultation – get some new recipes to try out for the holidays.
  • Weight management consultation – make a plan to maintain or lose weight to meet your goals.

University of Utah’s Wellness program, WellU, will sponsor two no-cost services from PEAK Health and Fitness between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016, for benefit eligible University of Utah Employees. Participation in PEAK’s services and completion of an annual physical exam will qualify you for an insurance premium discount for next year. The new fiscal year has started, so it’s a great time to take advantage of your two no-cost participation options through PEAK.



It is common knowledge that sugar-filled sodas, sports drinks and juices are bad news when it comes to maintaining healthy teeth. Now, a study done by researchers at Melbourne University’s Oral Health Cooperative Research Center shows their sugar-free counterparts aren’t great for your teeth either.

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The students in the fifth grade class at Meadowlark Elementary School couldn’t hide their disgust when they learned zebrafish larva have their heart outside of their bodies. The students had been studying the small fish for a week as part of the BioEYES science outreach program. During that time, they had watched adult fish mate, embryos develop, and now were observing the microscopic larva swim in their petri dishes. They also, hopefully, were developing an interest in science.

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