A Healthier U

By PEAK Health & Fitness
People generally work with a wellness coach because they are ready to make some type of change in their life. A wellness coach helps clients better understand themselves, manage their health and the lifestyle choices they make that affect their health. Among those managed activities include: eating, drinking, smoking, exercise, sleep, stress and coping and other developed habits that need improvement. During coaching sessions, individuals are encouraged to explore their inner strength and wisdom, improve their self-confidence and make changes and improvements from within. Your coach might help you to focus on these aspects of wellness:

  • weight loss
  • eating behaviors
  • exercise management
  • stress management
  • improved emotional skills

Wellness involves achieving a balance in many aspects of life – one step at a time.

Wellness CoachThe first time you meet with your wellness coach, you will talk about yourself and your current level of health and wellness.  How well are you sleeping?  What are your energy levels like each day?  How much water are you drinking?  We will begin to work together by setting simple, realistic and reachable goals.  After all, BIG changes require small steps and small success after small success.

Wellness Coaching is made available to university employees through the WellU Program. If you’re interested in participating in wellness coaching, call PEAK at 801-5850-7325 for an appointment.


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There’s an art to menu speak. Restaurants use certain terms to describe how foods are prepared. “If you’re unfamiliar with the terms, you could be ordering foods high in fat and calories, thinking that they’re healthful,” says Allison Riederer, a registered dietitian at University of Utah Health Care. Here, she decodes some common terms:


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Are you trying to lose weight? Here are some smart food swaps that save calories. If you need some help, University of Utah Health Care offers individualized weight-loss programs, as well as diet and exercise consultation. Visit this page for more information.