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How to integrate Intuitive Eating into your life

 Have you ever heard the phrase, “Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full”?  This mentality is the focus of intuitive eating.  Children are very good at self-regulating their intake by eating when they are hungry as they respond to biological signals that drive them to eat.  As adults, sometimes we ignore these signals either because we are too busy to eat or we’re trying to lose weight.  Children also stop eating when they are satisfied.  Many adults would find that if they could train themselves to stop eating when they are comfortable — not full, they would be better able to manage their weight. 

Intuitive eating is an approach that teaches you how to create a healthy relationship with your food, mind, and body with the goal of ultimately becoming the expert of your own body as you become better at responding to your internal hunger and satiety cues.


Fats have often been cast as a villain when it comes to a healthy diet. But they are important when it comes to nutrition and your overall health.

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A big part of getting a good night’s sleep is what you sleep on. Having the right mattress can lead to better quality sleep and all the health benefits that come with it. On today’s Health Minute, sleep expert Dr. Milton Chua shares the three things you need to know to pick the best mattress for your best night’s sleep.

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