Climate drove 7,000 years of dietary changes

Projected climatic changes will be essential to predict health and well-being for populations in the future.

Brown woodrat facing left, chewing on a daisy.

It’s who you are that matters most

A first-of-its-kind study found that evolutionary history has the strongest influence in both wild and captive woodrats’ microbiomes.

Maintaining good diabetes management habits

It’s all about taking small steps to improve health.

The risks of prediabetes

November is diabetes awareness month.

Sundance Film Festival winter wellness tips

A Healthier U

A Healthier U

A Healthier U

A Healthier U

FAST FOOD CHOICES The good, the bad and the ugly Fast food is all around us, and some occasions (travel, short on time or energy, etc.) lend themselves towards the quick fix of a fast food meal. Eating healthy at a fast food restaurant isn’t impossible, and there are some healthier options available. The following […]

A Healthier U