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2° For Change

Just a few clicks on your thermostat can save energy and protect our air. Take the challenge on Aug. 19, and help make a difference.

If you knew that you could improve air quality and reduce energy consumption by doing almost nothing, would you do it? Would you be willing to find your nearest thermostat and bump it up 2 degrees in summer or take it down a couple of notches in the winter to protect our air? This simple action, if taken by each and every one of us together, would help improve our air quality and reduce energy costs.

As classes begin on Aug. 19, turn your set cooling temperature up 2 degrees.

  • Take the 2° For Change challenge
  • Use the hashtag #2DegreesForChange and tag @UofUFM
  • Not everyone has access to a thermostat in their workplace, but those who do should participate.
  • Understandably, some work environments at the university require very strict temperature controls and may not be able to participate.
  • Consider slight adjustments in clothing to feel comfortable in your workplace.

This small action, if we all commit, has a big impact.

The United States Department of Energy estimates costs savings of about 1% for each degree of thermostat adjustment per 8 hours.

Take the step to move your thermostat up 2 degrees on Aug. 19, in a collective action to both welcome and celebrate the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference to Salt Lake City from Aug. 26-28, for a global conversation on building inclusive and sustainable cities and communities. And you have an important role to play.

Salt Lake is the first city in the United States to host the annual conference outside of the U.N. Headquarters in New York. Activists, health workers and community leaders are convening in Salt Lake City because of the city’s leadership and demonstrated commitment to advancing a sustainable future. On Aug. 28, leadership from the University of Utah will participate in the Civil Society Conference to present the U’s broad-ranging efforts on sustainability and innovation, and we need your help. As part of the presentation, U Facilities’ Energy Management team will demonstrate the reduction in energy consumption from your efforts of taking the 2° For Change challenge.

Learn more about how to participate on campus and what you can do at home to help protect our air by moving your thermostat cool setting up two notches. Plan to participate as we kick off the fall semester and demonstrate your commitment to protecting our air.