Humans of the U

Nominate a peer for a University of Utah District Staff Excellence Award

The awards are now in their 30th year.

Humans of the U: Branden Dalley

“We live in a wonderful area that combines a first-rate education and university resources with easy access to nature and outdoor activities. Nothing could be better!”

Humans of the U: Harry Cross Jr.

“I find my time here fascinating, and try to contribute as much as I can to improving this already great university.”

The three people leading sustainability efforts at U Health stand together posing for a photo inside University of Utah Hospital.

Humans of the U: Robert Armstrong, Alexis Lee and Smitha Warrier

Get to know the team leading sustainability efforts within U of U Health.

Student Ross Tester is also a Freeride World Tour athlete

Humans of the U: Ross Tester

“Going to the U was a no-brainer because of its proximity to intense, yet beautiful mountains, and the outdoor culture that they cultivate.”

Humans of the U: Nakaiya Stucki

“Not only should students be learning in their classes, they should also be having dynamic, engaging educational experiences outside of the classroom.”

headshot of Sheena McFarland taken in front of painting on the wall of the business school which reads, "Celebration 100 Years David Eccles School of Business."

Humans of the U: Sheena McFarland

“In a moment like this, it’s really fun to get to actually see transformation happen.”

Humans of the U: Griffin Hale

“The strong and sturdy clay bricks depict the unmoving, determination and defiance in the caregiver.”

Humans of the U: Kebba Kah

“It has been rewarding to pursue my passion and help with the pandemic response at the same time.”

Humans of the U: Faith Bowman

“I seek to become a new healer, bridging the traditional knowledge of my community with the knowledge pioneered by investigating glucose metabolism.”