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[bs_row class=”row”][bs_col class=”col-sm-9″] Yoga Nidra: One way to get out of your own way, create intentions an relax deeper than you ever thought possible Meditation… What is it? How does one ‘do it?’ Well, for those of us who are pretty sure they’re the one person that just can’t meditate, there may be a very […]

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Safe & Sound

BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS — NON-LABORATORY EMPLOYEES [bs_row class=”row”][bs_col class=”col-sm-4″] [/bs_col][bs_col class=”col-sm-8″] Bloodborne pathogens are disease-inducing microorganisms which can be transmitted through human blood and other body fluids. Anyone whose job responsibilities require them to work with human blood or other possibly infectious material must comply with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. Some of the requirements include […]

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GLOBAL LEARNING ACROSS THE DISCIPLINES (GLAD) GRANTS Deadline: March 4, 2016[bs_row class=”row”][bs_col class=”col-sm-4″] [/bs_col][bs_col class=”col-sm-8″]The Office for Global Engagement (OGE) is offering grants of up to $10,000 for departmental/college or interdisciplinary teams composed of a minimum of three faculty members to improve global learning as part of the Global Learning Across the Disciplines (GLAD) initiative […]

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