College of Mines and Earth Sciences to merge with College of Science

The merger strengthens both colleges by pooling resources and encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration.

A black map with light gray outlines of southwestern states. Utah is shows with glowing spots indicating where fireflies have been recorded.

See Utah’s fireflies this summer

Did you know there are fireflies in Utah, New Mexico and other western states?

Newly found insect named for NHMU executive director

The treehopper species patronym, Cladonota cryani, is an honor for Jason Cryan.

Bringing magma up to our feet—just add CO2

Mount Erebus, Antarctica’s only active volcano, offers clues to how magma and gases in some volcanoes reach the Earth’s surface.

Anti-cancer compound found in soft corals

For 25 years, drug hunters have searched for the source of a natural chemical that had shown promise for treating cancer.

An Asian woman holds up a sign that says Stop Asian Hate.

The 2020 surge of anti-Asian hate language

Clusters of hateful tweets spread across the contiguous U.S. that varied in size, strength distribution and location.

Chemists’ HAT trick for greener chemical synthesis

An interdisciplinary collaboration borrows a technique from energy storage chemistry to improve chemical synthesis.

$34M to prevent and treat epilepsy

The College of Pharmacy’s Anticonvulsant Drug Development Program won a five-year $34 million contract renewal to test and identify therapeutics for preventing and treating drug-resistant epilepsy.

Study explores climate influences on snowmelt-fed water supplies

Three decades of research show three factors that can help predict how climate change will impact critical snowmelt-driven water supplies nationwide.

More than a status

Navigating notions of illegality as undocumented students.