New effort to map the universe, unravel mysteries of ‘dark energy’

The international collaboration that includes the University of Utah aims to construct a 3-D map of the universe in more detail than ever before.

A town in the forest where buildings are burned down, trees are blackened ash, with smokey air.

Evacuating under dire wildfire scenarios

A study proposes a new framework for simulating dire scenarios, defined as when there is less time to evacuate an area from a wildfire than is required.

Why chemistry?

Find your niche in chemistry and make your own discoveries.

Microscopic fossils record ancient climate conditions

Magnetic particles left behind by bacteria provide paleoclimate clues.

Test to play and to stay

COVID-19 testing allowed for the completion of 95% of more than 11,000 high school extracurricular competition events.

Will COVID-19 become a seasonal nuisance?

U scientists model possible coronavirus futures.

In it together

New report offers guidance on building community-campus research partnerships.

Red rock desert scene with a rock wall on the left with an ancient archaeological structure built in. Archaeologists are documenting the site. There is red rock, and sage green shrubs around the ground beneath the structure.

Protecting the past at Bears Ears

Bears Ears is not just about boundaries, it’s about management.

Bird data from Ethiopia fills in baseline data gaps

Knowing where birds live now helps monitoring of biodiversity and tropical ecosystem health in a warming world.

Ranked-Choice Voting gives voice to diverse electorate

A look at how ranked voting could change elections.