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Humans of the U: Mark Fivaz

“I was compelled to study at the University of Utah because I love Utah; it is a beautiful state. I really liked what the business school had to offer and so I chose to attend here. I am originally from South Africa and lived in the U.K. before moving here.

Upon starting my journey at the University of Utah, I chose to major in finance and get an emphasis in fintech. Investing and managing capital are topics I am passionate about and my background in cryptocurrency blockchain inspired me to choose fintech as my emphasis. The University of Utah offers many academic opportunities through its fintech program. I have learned a variety of topics such as payment infrastructure, artificial intelligence, tokens, blockchain, open banking and more. With these skillsets, I can discern what is occurring within different fintech ecosystems around the globe.

The primary purpose of fintech is to create simple and efficient consumer experiences. Each day, fintech proves to advance companies forward compared to traditional financial services and make the process for clients easier.

I have gotten more involved and grown my skills through the clubs offered by the David Eccles School of Business, such as the Blockchain Club at the University of Utah. This club aims to educate students about the new and emerging technology of blockchain through lectures, guest speakers, and hands-on workshops. Topics range from the history behind blockchain technology, smart contracts, stablecoins, tokenization, digital wallets and to utilizing it to run startups. As a co-executive, I think educating students about blockchain technology is essential. I first chose to join this club because I believe this technology has the potential to merge into traditional financial products and services and will continue to grow.

During my time at the University of Utah, I have been involved in other programs like being a teaching assistant for fintech courses, joining the Finance Club, Emerging Finance Professionals Program, and Business Scholars. All these activities helped me develop as a business professional.

The University of Utah has helped me prepare for my career and has provided me with the professional and technical skills to succeed. After graduating in the spring, I plan to join the Wells Fargo Commercial Banking group in Charlotte, North Carolina, as a full-time analyst. With the knowledge of transformational technology in fintech, I can bring the best to Wells Fargo and help the company succeed in a competitive space. I have the University of Utah to thank for providing me with both professional and technical skills that have helped me build business etiquette and skills that impress employers.

Some advice I would give to incoming students is to get involved and explore. Start getting involved, join clubs, network, and collaborate with like-minded people with similar goals and drive. Trying things out is the best way to figure out your passions and set career goals accordingly.”


Mark Fivaz, a senior studying finance and fintech