A massive line of cars wait in traffic to enter Zion National Park in the southern part of Utah in the United States. Midway in the line of traffic is a sign with the park’s name on it. In the background is a cliff of red rocks that the region is known for. Green trees tower over the cars.

The rise of ‘Zoom Towns’ in the rural west

COVID-19 has accelerated a trend of rapid growth in western gateway communities. This “amenity migration” is causing urgent planning challenges.

Dress for success on the slopes

Having the right gear will lead to a better day on the hill.

Protecting our winters

Rising temperatures and other compounding factors are impacting our snowfall and our snowpack. Pledge to cut down on your carbon footprint this winter. And forever.

Ski the U

Just in time for the 2015 ski season the University has launched, your resource for resort info, weather conditions, deals and tips to make the most of the greatest snow on earth this year.


U students Schaeffer Warnock and Jake Nelson questioned why skiers and snowboarders would spend hundreds of dollars on several pairs of ski goggles when one inexpensive pair could be altered to match the weather on the slopes.