four native women stand shoulder to shoulder in a field with mountains in the background, wearing multi-colored jingle dresses.

Art heals: The Jingle Dress project

While a single jingle makes no sound, together they have the power to heal.

Green lit dark auditorium with students on the left, and a chemistry on the right.

Be the light in your community

Scientist and inventor Alice Min Soo Chun demonstrated how she used STEM to change communities and encouraged Indigenous graduates to do the same.

Navajo baskets weave together generations

Learn about the ever-changing stories and tales highlighted in the Natural History Museum’s Navajo Basket Explorer.

Red rock desert scene with a rock wall on the left with an ancient archaeological structure built in. Archaeologists are documenting the site. There is red rock, and sage green shrubs around the ground beneath the structure.

Protecting the past at Bears Ears

Bears Ears is not just about boundaries, it’s about management.

an 18-wheel truck bed is loaded with firewood and is parked next to a large pile of more firewood

Operation Firewood Rescue

Utahns come together to help Najavo elders prepare for winter.

Photo of Dominique Pablito by Matt Toledo

Whatever it takes

University of Utah student Dominique Pablito’s inspirational story is highlighted among Native students and professionals in STEM.


Undergraduates from across the country joined researchers and tribal elders in encouraging Native American youth to get excited about science.


“I grew up on the Navajo reservation in Arizona, but many people who lived off the reservation don’t know their traditions. I try to tell my story, speak the Navajo language, and encourage others to use our traditional values as resilience to continue to go to school and fight through hardships.”


U architecture students partner with Navajo community to create unique homes and public spaces.


A unique internship guides Native American undergrads from around the country toward science and medicine.