What is the ‘new normal’ of COVID-19?

We should still strive to use common sense when it comes to masks as part of the new normal.

Updated masking guidelines

A message to faculty from Senior Vice President Dan Reed.

Signs for safety

We need to stay safe if we want to stay on campus.

Understanding COVID-19 variants

All viruses mutate.

Why masking and testing continues

Why some people on campus are still wearing masks and getting tested.

Face coverings still required on campus

Continuing best practices will ensure a safe summer semester.

Keeping campus safe: 4 steps to reduce the spread

Help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the campus community.

Is it time to double up on masks?

It all depends on the mask and the fit.

Rebecca holds tray of her masks while wearing one.

Humans of the U: Rebecca Walsh

“I feel like I’m doing something to protect the people I love.”

A woman doctor wearing a face mask looks through the window at a woman who may have COVID-19 at a drive-up testing site.

Face covering myths debunked

Addressing the common misconceptions about face coverings using scientific evidence.