Centers for Disease Control

Spring 2022 COVID update

After spring break, masks will no longer be required in indoor spaces on the main campus.

Updated masking guidelines

A message to faculty from Senior Vice President Dan Reed.

Johnson & Johnson vaccine once again available

Anyone considering getting the J&J vaccine will be informed of potential risks.

Keeping each other safe with quarantine and isolation

There are some changes to the length of quarantine.

Time to test

All students are asked to get a COVID-19 test before Thanksgiving.

Build your bubble for the months ahead

Help slow the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 and spring break travel

The university’s COVID-19 webpage is being updated regularly, and we encourage you to check it frequently for important updates.


During the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, a documentary will premiere depicting the courageous story of physician Kristen Reis, a retired U professor, and her partner (both in life and work) Maggie Snyder. “Quiet Heroes” depicts Reis’ selfless career as the first doctor in Utah to treat HIV/AIDS patients at a time when others cruelly turned them away.