Brian Codding

Hills that are dry with a greener vegetation in the valley.

Climate change induced refugee crisis, chronic war, in ancient Peru

Their findings suggest that climate change has the potential to harm all populations, either directly or indirectly, through destabilization and refugee crises.

Climate drove 7,000 years of dietary changes

Projected climatic changes will be essential to predict health and well-being for populations in the future.

A close up of quaking aspen trees.

Indigenous land-use reduced catastrophic wildfires on the Fish Lake Plateau

U researchers found that 1,000 years ago, the Fremont used cultural burning to reduce the risk for large-scale wildfire activity in mountain environments.


Agricultural productivity drove Euro-American settlement of Utah, explaining past and present population patterns.


U recognizes five faculty for their research and academic strengths.

Investing in sustainability

On March 2 the Sustainability Office and Alta Ski Area teamed up to award deserving members of the U community with the Alta Sustainability Leadership Award.