A colorful collage of the faces of the 10 people chosen for the living legend stamp series.

‘Living legend’ honored in Filipino postage stamp

Baldomero “Toto” Olivera’s pioneering research on marine cone snails unlocked the pain-management potential of their venom.

New potentially painkilling compound found in deep-water cone snails

Results show the rich biochemical diversity of animal venoms.

Humans of the U: Faith Bowman

“I seek to become a new healer, bridging the traditional knowledge of my community with the knowledge pioneered by investigating glucose metabolism.”

Why chemistry?

Find your niche in chemistry and make your own discoveries.

5 ways that U scientists are addressing the COVID-19 pandemic

Within a few short weeks, more than a dozen new research studies have popped up across the U to study coronavirus.

Senate Summary | January 2020

If you missed the January Academic Senate meeting, then read all the highlights here.

Senate Summary | December 2019

If you missed the December Academic Senate meeting, then read all the highlights here.

Researchers solve how cells unfold proteins

The structure found may be used to advance efforts in developing more effective inhibitors and treatment of cancers.


Meet the tiny machines in cells that U scientists say may be able to help overcome viruses that cause human disease.


Biochemistry scholar Wesley I. Sundquist awarded institution’s most distinguished faculty award.