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Humans of the U: Cole Jeffery

“When I was a kid, Legos were my world. I’d build any and everything. I liked to see the end result of something that I created from just parts and pieces. Now that I’m older, I still like to build—only I’ve graduated to mountain bikes and motorcycles. For the most part, I’ve taught myself how to do all of this. Of course, YouTube helped along the way! But by trial and error, I can make the wheels spin and get the gas flowing.

At the beginning of my sophomore year at the U, I started working at the Campus Bike Shop as a bike mechanic. I’ve been there ever since. I help fix students’ bikes by changing tubes and adjusting shifting. I’m also involved with projects like The U in Motion program, which provides bikes for students in need free of charge. I use parts from abandoned and broken bikes to build ones that are rideable. It’s rewarding to know that I’m helping someone get around campus more easily.

Working at the Campus Bike Shop over the years helps me balance my time as I pursue a degree in Parks, Recreation & Tourism, and a minor in Geology. Now as a senior, as I enter my last semester at the U, I remind myself of how coming to the U was the right decision for me. Being able to get outside and ride the dirt trails in the hills next to campus or in the nearby mountains keeps me motivated. And choosing a major where my classes are held outdoors in the Foothills and National Parks definitely adds to the excitement. Being hands-on is how I learn best. The U made that happen for me.”

—Cole Jeffery, senior studying Parks, Recreation & Tourism