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The Hinckley Report returns

The Hinckley Report returns for its eighth season on Friday. From the stage of a beautiful new set, Utah’s political roundup will resume its critical role of providing political insights and access. Host Jason Perry, University of Utah vice president for government relations and director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics, will once again take his seat at the roundtable with a revolving panel of political experts from across the state.

Weekly discussions feature a rich analysis of major political issuesfrom drought and the Great Salt Lake to civility in politics. Expert panelists, drawn from Utah’s talented pool of political scientists, journalists, and policy experts, foster thoughtful conversations on complex issues facing the state and our nation.

Robust political discourse is crucial for an engaged citizenry, The Hinckley Report remains an indispensable resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of current affairs in Utah. Stream The Hinckley Report online anytime on on YouTube. Additionally, you can listen to the podcast version anywhere you get your podcasts.