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ASUU Student Body President Ambra Jackson shares her thoughts on why you need to make your voice heard in this year's student elections.

Dear students,

Ambra Jackson, ASUU Student Body President.

Student government elections are upon us, and I want to call upon all of you to get out there and vote. Historically, voting has been a way for individuals, like yourself, to share their voice. Unfortunately, somewhere down the line, we lost touch with what power we have through voting. In 2013, the University of Utah had a voting rate of 17.22 percent. During the past two years, the rate decreased by 7.54 percent, resulting in at rate of only 9.68 percent last year.

Whether you care about events or policy changes on campus, your vote is the first step in giving your input. Look here for more information regarding this year’s candidates. Voting begins Friday, Feb. 26 and closes Thursday, March 3 at 5 p.m. To vote, log on to your CIS page and click the “Vote Here” button in the top left corner. After voting, stop by the ASUU office in Union, Room 234, to pick a free notebook.

Remember, you are choosing your representation. Choose the candidate that will make the changes you want to see in your school. I encourage each and every one of you to let your voice be heard.


Ambra Jackson
ASUU Student Body President