Recognition suits you

Think of everything that has impacted your professional path. Was is it an amazing internship experience that gave you a taste of the realities of your profession? Or a faculty member who took the time to help you see a real-world application of what you’re learning in the classroom? The Career & Professional Development Center wants to recognize your hard work and those who inspire you.

The CPDC Recognition Awards will honor winners in the five award categories: Faculty Recognition, Alumni Mentor, Employer of the Year, Internship of the Year and the Suit Up Scholarship. Students are encouraged to submit multiple nominations within the first three categories. Only one self-submission will be counted for Internship of the Year and the Suit Up Scholarship.

Nominees should be those who encouraged you in setting your goals, supported you in realizing your dreams or gave you direction and confidence. For the Internship of the Year award and Suit Up Scholarship, students should self-nominate.

Nominations/applications are now live, and submissions are due Feb. 1, 2019.

Faculty Recognition Award

This award recognizes strong faculty at the University of Utah. Nominate one of your professors who contributed to your career development or exploration. This could be a faculty member who helped you figure out your career passions, who took the time to help you find resources, or who introduced you to a new possibility.

Nominate your faculty today for the Faculty Recognition Award.

Alumni Mentor Award

University of Utah alumni are a vital part of the U community, who often serve as mentors to students. Alumni mentors bring history as former students and career experience that can provide invaluable direction to the next generation of students as they begin to navigate the competitive professional world.

Nominate an alumna/alumnus who has contributed to your career development or exploration. This can be a mentor who you connected with on Alumnifire, or via LinkedIn, or through your personal contacts—someone who helped you clarify your career goals or create a path to your professional development. Mentors assist by participating in informational Interviews, offering job shadowing, career advice or helping you to expand your professional network.

The CPDC and the Alumni Association want to take the time to thank alumni who are giving back to the U by helping you on your career path.

Nominate an alumnus/alumna today for the Alumni Mentor Award.

Employer of the Year Award

Students at the University are impacted positively by employers all around the community. The CPDC wants to recognize these fantastic employers, supervisors and places of work. If you’ve worked or interned somewhere exceptional, or with someone who left a lasting impact on your professional development, they deserve recognition.

Nominate your employer or supervisor today for the Employer of the Year Award.

Internship of the Year Award

This long-standing award recognizes the life-changing experiences students have had through internships. An internship is a short-term, hands-on, supervised work experience with a professional organization that increases students’ knowledge of a professional career field.

Through the Internship of the Year Award, students get the chance to highlight their experience and share their accomplishments. Internship experiences will be evaluated on the Projects, Learning Opportunities, and Career Development Experience—10 nominees will be selected for cash prizes provided by the generous sponsorship of the University Federal Credit Union.

Submit a nomination for your internship today for the Internship of the Year Award.

Suit Up Scholarship

Professional attire is a necessity when navigating the world of work. These tools may be out of reach for some due to financial constraints. The Suit Up Scholarship is for highly motivated students who have displayed excellence in their academics or community, and taken steps toward their professional goals. Multiple winners will be selected for the Suit Up Scholarship, and each scholarship will cover the cost of a professional outfit. Apply for yourself, and encourage other students to apply.

The Suit Up Scholarship is being held in conjunction with the campus-wide Suit Up event on March 3, 2019, at J.C. Penney in the Valley Fair Mall. This event features a special sale exclusively for ALL students at the University of Utah. Suit Up Scholarship recipients will receive financial coverage for their attire purchased at this event. These scholarships are made possible thanks to generous donations from the University Parent Fund and many individual departments across campus.

The Suit Up Scholarship program was recently recognized with a 2018 Beacons of Excellence Award.