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One bill: Housing & tuition

Students living in the Housing and Residential Education facilities will now see their tuition and housing fees combined into one bill.

By Erica Andersen, assistant director, Housing & Residential Education

Beginning November 2018, students living in the Housing and Residential Education (HRE) facilities will see their tuition and housing fees combined into one bill. Found in the CIS system, One Bill will streamline the process for paying tuition, rent and housing fees.

There are three primary changes coming for Spring 2019 and beyond.

One place to pay

Students who live on campus with HRE will now have one place to pay, Income Accounting and Student Loan Services. Students will see their housing, meal plan, optional services and fees itemized on the HRE section of their tuition bill.

Payment options:

Residents can pay for their charges in the following ways:

  • Online: Credit/debit: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express
  • E-Check (connected to your banking account)
  • Flywire (for international students)
  • In-person: Cashier’s Office, located in the Student Services Building, Room 165

Financial aid and scholarships transfer

Housing residents who have financial aid and scholarships over and above the cost of their tuition and fees will have the remaining aid automatically applied to their housing and meal plan charges.  Housing residents will no longer need to request this separately or in Housing U.

Any excess financial aid and scholarship funds that are on the student account after all tuition, housing, meal plan and optional service charges are paid, will be refunded back to the student. If a bank card paid any charges for the term, the credit will be refunded back to the card.

Payment plan—new for all students

Students will be able to log in to the secure, third party network, Nelnet, to arrange a 5-month or 4-month payment plan. They will be able to utilize the tuition estimator to plan for the cost of tuition as well as housing/meal plan/optional services to create one payment plan. Students will provide a credit card or debit card that will be automatically billed on a monthly basis.

A portal will also be in place for a parent/guardian to pay on behalf of their student. This relies on the student to give permission to the third party.

Note: Students who live in University Student Apartments (East or West Village, Townhouses, Fort Douglas Duplex or Medical Towers) will continue to pay University Student Apartments. Their bill will not show on their tuition account.