Kiffer Creveling with his cameras in an arena

Humans of the U: Kiffer Creveling

“As a Ph.D. student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, I have been researching how strong the layers of the human eye are held together. Specifically, I have been characterizing the strength of adhesion between the vitreous and the retina of the human eye to better understand injury. Working under Dr. Brittany Coats in the Utah Head Trauma Lab has been an honor. I also enjoy connecting with other students as a teaching assistant running labs, grading lab reports and conducting weekly study sessions.

As a freshman at the U, I decided to study mechanical engineering because of my love of mathematics and science. Junior high and high school science fair projects helped spark my interest in the field of engineering. Taking classes from excellent professors has inspired me to do my best. And helping other undergraduate and graduate students understand complex engineering problems brings me great satisfaction. I have enjoyed every minute of my time spent in the Department of Mechanical Engineering—whether it be as a student, teaching assistant or researcher.

While engineering is my first love, I can be found skiing, rock climbing, camping and hiking on the weekends. Playing on the University’s Club Water Polo Team and photography are additional outlets for enjoyment. Through photography, I’ve been able to document Utah Athletics—I photographed gymnastics, baseball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, track, skiing, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, softball, water polo and football for The Daily Utah Chronicle. I have also shot the great outdoors for Wasatch Magazine (a subsidiary of The Daily Utah Chronicle). Photography allows me to capture unique perspectives that I hope catch other students’ attention. Although I indulge in many interests in my spare time, my passion for engineering remains at the top. If I’m not in the engineering lab, I probably have a camera in my hand ready to photograph an opportune moment.”

Kiffer Creveling, doctoral student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering