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Meet U student Eliza McIntosh, Ms. Wheelchair America 2017.
2017 Ms. Wheelchair America Eliza McIntosh

“Being disabled is normally seen as a very negative thing. It sounds kind of funny but I was basically born a celebrity. Every time I come into a room people notice. I can go for years without seeing somebody, and they’ll still remember me. That’s impact. That’s power. And so, I feel like you should use what you have available to your advantage.

My platform as Ms. Wheelchair America 2017 is ‘Where there’s a wheel there’s a way – identify a problem that you’re passionate about solving, invite others to join you in your cause, and ignite your community behind you.’ If your passion is accessible travel, then you know, make that happen. Talk to the airline, become a speaker, be engaged. If your thing is support animals, GREAT, you can make that happen.

In my wheelchair I’m going to get people’s attention no matter what and that’s not going to change so I might as well use it. You have the choice, you can either be depressed by it, or you can use it, and I’d much rather use it.”

— Eliza McIntosh, student and Ms. Wheelchair America 2017

To learn more about Eliza McIntosh, visit her Facebook page or also Instagram.


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