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Meet Sara Jarman, the voice of TRAX and the recruiting coordinator at University of Utah Career Services.
Sara Jarman the voice of TRAX. At The University of Utah Stadium TRAX station.

“UTA called the student employment coordinator and inquired about posting a job for a young female voice to do some recording for TRAX. She gathered a group of young ladies to audition, and I guess they just liked what they heard. Only one person has ever known it was my voice on TRAX without being told. Usually when people learn that I’m the voice on TRAX, the first thing they say is, ‘say something!’ When I recite one of the lines for them, their response is always, ‘It is you!’ I recently re-recorded every single stop because my voice changed slightly while I was pregnant, and they wanted everything to sound consistent. Redoing everything took about an hour, but when I only have to do a few phrases, it takes as little as five minutes.”

— Sara Jarman, recruiting coordinator, University of Utah Career Services

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