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Meet Nicole, a university staff member with an affinity for Pokémon.


Niki-Pokemon 2

“My 11-year-old self is very happy that it’s now socially acceptable to once again be into Pokémon. When I was little I was super into the cards and I remember my mom taking me to Target one morning before school to get a binder. I ended up walking into the toy aisle and I found the card game with the starter pack. I brought it to school and no one knew what it was…fast forward a few months and it blew up. The video game came. I played on a lime green Game Boy and was very competitive with it. Then in 1999 there was a Pokémon tournament at Fashion Place Mall. You brought your own Game Boy and you would battle with other people. I ended up getting third place – it was insane – I was there all day with my Pokémon T-shirt on. It’s been really fun to relive those memories with Pokémon Go, but now I’m regretting not buying stock in it.”

— Nicole, U staff

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