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Wellness beyond whiteness

It's important to think about wellness from new angles and consider what wellness means beyond the bounds of whiteness.

2020 has unleashed a pandemic, unfurled natural disasters and reignited the movement for racial and social justice. Each of these events has highlighted the importance of health, wellness, safety and equity for all and asks us to reconsider how we take care of ourselves in order to take care of one another. To do this, it is important to consider what wellness means beyond the bounds of whiteness.

Traditionally, the Center for Student Wellness (CSW) has offered a large Wellness Fair, featuring campus and community resources and various health and wellness services. If you are missing our Fair’s traditional offerings, we have provided campus and community options for flu shots, STI testing and mental health support at the bottom of our Wellness Fair page.

This year, the pandemic has forced us online and challenged us to rethink what we can offer to our community. Despite our inability to gather together in person, we saw an opportunity to do something different this time. Instead of our traditional offerings, this year we turn our attention to aspects of wellness that are often ignored, forgotten, or unknown to us.

We brought together members of our community to provide spaces for dialogue and activities that encourage us to think about our wellness from new angles. What can we learn from one another? How can we make room for ourselves to experience joy? In what new ways can we move our bodies to feel refreshed? What tools can we use to relax and restore? How can breath and mindfulness provide us with space to heal? How can community enrich us?

We hope you find answers to these questions by engaging in this year’s offerings. Visit our Wellness Fair page and learn about the various dimensions of wellness:

  • Take space for yourself and tune into a mindfulness recording by the Change Coalition
  • Learn a few new dance moves from K-Pop dance club
  • Relax while listening to our student-curated Spotify playlist
  • Move your body in ways that feel good to you with yoga by U alum, Princesse DesRose

Additionally, we will host various live events throughout the week. All live discussions will be held via Zoom. Register here.

Check on U-tah: Building Community through Bystander Intervention
Wednesday, Nov. 11 | 5-6:15 p.m.

  • Jump into a live conversation around community building to prevent harm through our Check on U-tah workshop. This workshop will discuss how biases, social norms and everyday barriers (e.g., technology, distractions) perpetuate harm and prevent community support. Through dialogue, interactive practice, and self-reflection, participants will leave with increased abilities in being a good community member, noticing harm and holding one another accountable.

Faculty and Staff Panel
Thursday, Nov. 12 | 12-1:30 p.m.

Student Panel
Friday, Nov. 13 | 1-2 p.m.

  • Join panel discussions on unpacking what “wellness beyond whiteness” means with various students, faculty, and staff members on our campus.
  • Farah Hamouda, an ACES Peer Health Educator, will be moderating the discussion with student panelists:
    • Johnny Rivera
    • Daniela Zamora
    • Cathleen Zhang
    • Anjali Valentine

We believe that the wellness of our community depends upon each of its members. Our hope for this year’s Wellness Fair is that each of us find a new way to engage with our own wellness journey.