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New sidewalk routing feature makes finding your way around campus easy.

By Andrew Thompson Landerghini, University Marketing and Communications

It’s one thing to find your way to campus. But finding your way around campus is an entirely different feat of navigation. Fret not, a new feature on the campus map can alleviate the agony of finding class on that first day of school.

The sidewalk routing function, which is still in beta, will determine your current location (or you can select a destination when off campus), find your destination and draw the most efficient pedestrian path to selected destination. The feature factors in construction detours and provides step-by-step directions along the way. To use the feature, tap (or click, if you’re on a desktop computer) the building you want to go to. Then click the direction icon (the one with “beta” written underneath it) in the building’s pop-up window.

Campus Map Routing Feature Locate Destination

Choose your destination and then tap the routing icon.

If you’re on campus, the routing feature will find your coordinates and map out the walking path to your destination. Or you can type in your desired starting point.

Campus Map Routing App Current Location

Location can be determined by current location (if on campus) or by building search.

The map will then deliver the distance and approximately how long it will take.

Campus Map Routing Distance and Time

Time, distance and step-by-step directions.

You can also add destinations and map out your entire day’s schedule, have the map follow you along the way to make sure you’re on the right path and print the route for analog use in case you’re low on cell data or the Wi-Fi is being petulant. The feature will also highlight and identify the time and distance of each leg of your journey.

To search for a new route, simply tap a different building and the old search will vanish and you can begin again. Or, tap the refresh icon to start the process anew.

Hopefully this helps the traverse across campus and we apologize for eliminating the I-got-lost excuse for being late to class. The campus map can be found at