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Top tips for Fall 2022 Move-in Week

Moving in can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Fall move-in is right around the corner, and Housing & Residential Education (HRE) is so excited to welcome 5,000 residents to campus between Aug. 16-18. Whether you’re a first-year, upper-division, out-of-state or in-state student joining our community, the move-in can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. My name is Allie Perkins (she/her), and I’m entering my second year at the U. I moved into Kahlert Village in August of 2021 all the way from Minnesota. Since last year, I have reflected on some of the most helpful tips I received and utilized to make my move-in experience excellent, and I’d like to share them with you

Plan ahead

Before I started packing, I made sure to have my move-in team ready. I brought my parents, and our team of three was super helpful without overdoing it. I suggest not bringing too many people—especially if you have a roommate. Space can get tight as you unpack.

While I was tempted to bring everything I own with me, I considered my space and what I might need and decided to downsize. Knowing when I’d come back to my parents’ house for breaks, I sorted clothes into bins in order of the seasons for easy access. Additionally, I planned to pack certain items and purchase others upon my arrival and made a separate list. This saved space and allowed me to settle in prior to shopping.

Pack with purpose

Especially coming out of state, I was overwhelmed when it came time to pack. It may seem self-explanatory, but you must make a packing list. It is easy to forget things or throw in unnecessary items if you haven’t prepared beforehand. Since I was flying into Salt Lake City, I utilized storage bags because of their size, durability and the ability to check them on an airplane.

Stay organized

The mail staff within the residence halls are amazing and prepared for the influx of mail items during move-in. However, it can become difficult with 5,000 residents mailing various packages to the mailrooms all at once. Remember, residents can begin sending mail to their residence hall beginning Aug. 9. Try to mail things in one box, if possible, instead of multiple shipments. Since I had a myriad of things I was shipping, packing or purchasing, I found it particularly helpful to have a spreadsheet of how each item would eventually make it to my residence hall. This helped me keep track of my items and not lose anything. Be patient with the mailroom staff if your item says it’s delivered, and wait until you receive an email notification that your package is ready to be picked up.

Be flexible, stay positive

A huge part of coming to college is exploring your own identity. Since everyone is in the same, slightly scary boat, one invaluable piece of advice is to give people grace. I found value and success in being patient and understanding of the stresses on staff, students and parents—especially because I needed the same grace extended to myself as well. If you run into issues during your move-in date, advocate for yourself, ask questions and let HRE staff help you along the way.

Say "Hi"

While moving to college and meeting an abundance of new people can be scary, I found that the first (and extraordinarily simple) step to meeting new people is to say “Hi!” With social media, it’s easy to have an idea about who is in your incoming class and connect online. If you recognize someone, take your interactions offline and say hello—I met some of my best friends this way.

During move-in, it’s not a bad idea to greet your suite/hall/cluster/roommates and introduce yourself. If you want to start things off on the right foot, offer to lend a helping hand.

Steps for a successful move-in day

Step 1: Know your assigned arrival time

  • All residents were sent an assigned arrival time for Aug. 16, 17 or 18. This time is also posted on our Fall Move-In webpage. Residents should arrive at their assigned arrival time and proceed directly to our central check-in location, the A. Ray Olpin Union building.

Step 2: At your assigned time, check in at the Union

  • Upon arrival at the Union, residents will receive their welcome packet, room key and UCard (if applicable). Visit for directions to the Union.
  • Prior to your check-in day, you will receive a check-in QR code by email. Please have it readily available on your phone or as a printout.
  • Only students will be able to enter the check-in center.

Step 3: Head to your area’s unloading zone

  • After picking up your welcome packet and key, exit the check-in center parking lot and proceed to your area’s designated unloading zone. Maps and directions can be found on the Housing & Residential Education website.
  • Vehicles can remain in unloading zone parking lots for up to one hour and 15 minutes, however, we encourage you to move your vehicle as soon as you finish unloading to reduce move-in traffic.
  • Due to construction on the Kahlert Village fourth tower, Kahlert Village and the Marriott Honors Community lots are active unloading only. Please completely unload vehicles and designate a member of your party to move the vehicle to the Stadium Lot. If you do not have someone available to move your vehicle, please let the parking lot attendant know and they will provide the next steps.

Step 4: Move your vehicle to the Rice-Eccles Stadium parking lot

  • After unloading your items, vehicles that will be staying on campus should be moved to the stadium parking lot for the duration of move-in week, Aug.16-18, so that other residents moving in are able to utilize their area’s unloading zone. Shuttles and after-hours Safe Rides will be available to transport you back to your residence hall to finish unpacking.
  • To help us have a successful move-in week, stick to our move-in motto: “Roll up. Unload. Roll out!”