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The many opportunities of student media on campus

There are lots of ways to get involved with media now.

Everyone is looking to get experience while in college, but so many internships begin with taking coffee orders and end with cleaning up the break room. If you want to create, write, speak, sell and get real-world work experience while getting an education you should consider joining us at Student Media at the University of Utah.

Student Media was created to give students an opportunity to immerse themselves in creating communications in a variety of formats. Through our different platforms, we give students the opportunity to hone their skills in journalism, radio, streaming, crafting compelling videos and advertising. Unlike your coursework where the only people to impress are your professor and your parents (who no doubt will be very proud), Student Media gives you a way to have your work seen by fellow students, faculty, alumni and potential employers.

Speaking of employers, Student Media alumni have been recruited by some pretty major brands, including the Salt Lake Tribune, Under Armor and a little company called ESPN. Our goal at Student Media is to give you the opportunity to create work that you are proud of and that people will see to give you a leg up when graduation comes.

Our platforms are open to any major and are so diverse that, no matter what you are interested in, you can find your niche at Student Media. Below is a list of our platforms and what they do:

  • The Daily Utah Chronicle:  The independent student voice for the University of Utah.
  • Wasatch Magazine: Utah’s premier outdoor magazine, produced solely by students.
  • K-UTE Radio: Your place for music, news, sports, podcasts and more.
  • AdThing: The ad agency staffed by students and run by pros.
  • View from the U: The news show for all things Utah.
  • Our Stor1es: Finding real stories—from real people—all around the U.

Student Media creates an atmosphere for students to gain real-world media experience while still in school. Our platforms can help fill course requirements across a variety of majors, and a variety of scholarships are available for students who take part. If you are ready to gain real experience in media, we have a place for you. Check out our open positions here.