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Take the University Campus Store's brief survey about your textbook requirements and purchases for a chance to win a MacBook Pro and gift cards.

By Cameron Beck, marketing manager, Auxiliary Business Development

According to a 2016 Statistic Brain Research Institute report, the average college student spends just over $500 a semester on course materials. In addition, 65 percent of students say they skipped buying a textbook because it was too expensive. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. Paying for textbooks can feel like a bottomless pit. But, don’t forget that textbooks and course materials are a necessary part of your education. And college is one of the biggest investments you will ever make.

Consistently ranked as a top school for great value, the U honors this lifelong investment by making your education as affordable as possible. The University Campus Store is committed to keeping this high quality education accessible as well.

As your on-campus source for textbooks, the University Campus Store asks for your participation in a brief survey about your textbook requirements and purchases. This survey helps the University Campus Store reassess and adjust its textbook offerings to better serve your needs and reduce the cost of purchasing and renting textbooks and other course materials.

Your candid feedback is invaluable in determining what students need and want. We want to help you, but need to hear from you first.  Help the University Campus Store continue to serve as a valuable resource for students on campus.

In exchange for this information on your purchasing trends, the University Campus Store’s UTech department will randomly select participants to win various items, including a MacBook Pro and gift cards to the University Campus Store. Gift cards may be used to purchase anything from the University Campus Store, from textbooks and Utah merchandise to Starbucks coffee and school supplies.

“The University Campus Store strives to be the best resource for everyone on campus, especially University of Utah students. We realize that textbooks are important to students and their ability to get the most from their education,” said Shane Girton, senior associate director of the University Campus Store. “Where, why, and whether students purchase textbooks is valuable information to the University Campus Store, and honest student feedback is important for us to achieve our goal of being the best resource for students in their pursuit of a first-class education.”

The survey opens on Jan. 9 and closes Jan. 14. Participants must be currently enrolled at the University of Utah to be eligible to win the MacBook Pro or Campus Store gift cards. Any questions about the survey or the Campus Store’s textbook program may be directed to 801-581-4693 or 801-581-8296.