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Statement from Chief Rodney Chatman on the death of George Floyd

Safety and security on campus is the highest priority.

Recent news about the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis is disturbing, and reactions of anger and fear are understandable. As your new police chief, I believe it is important that you hear from me about this incident.

I do not make it a practice to comment on specific cases when I am not involved or privy to all of the facts or when investigations are not complete. However, I understand that this incident and many others in recent history contribute to mistrust in police, and I want to assure you that behaviors like this will not be tolerated at the University of Utah under my leadership. Those who demonstrate callous indifference violate the public’s trust and are not worthy of the privilege of serving as a police officer.

The safety and security of this campus is my highest priority, and I am committed to the work of continual improvement and the pursuit of excellence in campus policing. I do not take this work lightly and am honored to be your police chief.

–Chief Rodney Chatman