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Shut it

A simple way to help keep campus secure at night.

At the end of a long workday, most of us run for the exit as fast as we can, ready to spend some quality time with family and friends. Chief Dale Brophy of the U’s Department of Public Safety wants you to slow down—if only for a second—to make the campus a secure place at night. He’s asking all employees to make sure to shut the door securely behind you.

“Wait until you hear the click,” said Brophy. “Either push or pull it until its secure. Whether you’re the first into the office or the last to leave. During off-hours, those few seconds of effort will improve the safety of our campus.”

You may be unaware but most buildings on campus have a dedicated crew that unlock entrances in the morning and secure them at the end of the workday. Like clockwork. The challenge comes after the doors are locked and there are still patrons inside. When they exit, the door will swing closed but sometimes doesn’t latch securely. That’s where Brophy could use your help.

Push or pull it until you know it’s secure. And if there’s a problem with the door, jam, lock or any other part of the door, please report it.

Interior doors to classrooms, offices and labs are also at risk. If expensive equipment, sensitive lab tests and other items are left open and unsecured, you’re inviting someone to make a bad decision. If you have the ability to close and lock a door behind you, please do so whenever possible.

And those who work or live in buildings with keycard access, should not let others “piggy-back” as you enter. Unless you know them, shut the door behind you. It’s not rude or inconsiderate. It’s the safest thing to do.

Brophy and his officers will now be delivering notices on unsecured doors when they are found. These will be reminders for people to secure their space when possible.

“We have an excellent and knowledgeable facilities crew that can fix any problem. That’s if they know about it,” Brophy said.

To report a maintenance issue, notify Facilities Management at 801-581-7221.

To report a security issue, notify Public Safety at 801-585-2677.