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Senate Summary | October 2021

If you missed the Academic Senate meeting on Oct. 4, 2021, or need a refresher, then keep reading for the highlights from the meeting.

If you missed the Academic Senate meeting on Oct. 4, 2021, or need a refresher, then keep reading for the highlights from the meeting. For more information on the Academic Senate, click here.

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Proposed Permanent Rule R1-011A: Body Worn Cameras

Keith Squires, interim chief safety officer; Brian Nicholls, special assistant to the Office of the Chief Safety Officer; and Jason Hinojosa, acting chief of police, presented the final, permanent rule governing the University Police Department’s use of body-worn cameras. The interim rule, approved in July, was revised with input from campus partners and stakeholders including ASUU, Senate Executive Committee, PSAC, Independent Review Committee (IRC), etc.

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Interim Policy 6-407: General Student Fees

Mark Winter, associate vice president for budget, reported that the University of Utah General Student Fee Policy is being revised to comply with the Board of Regents Policy. The significant changes are:

  • Changes the role of chairperson for the General Student Fee Board to one of the student members (currently it states the AVP for Budget & Planning chairs the board).
  • Changes the final approver for the general student fee process to the university Board of Trustees (currently our policy states the president of the university provides the final approval).
  • Adds a requirement to do a full review by the student fee board and Board of Trustees once every five years (this is a new requirement).
  • Adds a provision stating that the student fee board should specifically consider whether or not they recommend any existing fees should be terminated and moved to tuition (new to our policy).

Bachelor of Science in Software Development (BSSD) with EAE Emphasis

Erin Parker, School of Computing associate director and professor (lecturer), presented the following:

As the software industry evolves, so do the skills needed to work in that industry. Many students in the computer science (CS) program are there with the intent to start a career specifically as a software developer, rather than pursue jobs in broader computer science. The School of Computing proposes creating a new undergraduate bachelor of science degree program for software development (BSSD). This degree will prepare students for employment in general software development positions. Coursework will begin with the fundamentals of computational problem solving and software engineering, then focuses on so-called “full stack” development including web and mobile software, databases and back-ends and UI/UX design. BSSD will also emphasize human-centric skills such as product design, team and business management, ethics and entrepreneurship.

Special Education Distance Modality Approval Request

Matt Jameson, chair and director of graduate studies for the Department of Special Education, presented the request for formal approval for all Department of Special Education programs and emphases, allowing any portion to be offered via distance-education or online. This request includes formal approval to offer practicum/student teaching experiences to be completed at locations outside of the state of Utah. This approval would allow the department to continue to address the critical and persistent shortage of special education teachers in Utah and surrounding states.