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Stay safe this Halloween

Don't be a "jerk-o-lantern" because it's not "witchful thinking." Together we can "put a spell" on COVID-19 this Halloween.

Halloween is right around the corner and is another opportunity for the U community to lead when it comes to COVID-19 protections. Cases have continued to rise since Labor Day and we all need to do our part.

To help us out this holiday, our partners in Student Leadership & Involvement have some great suggestions on how to have fun while protecting yourself and others. Check out Campus Connect virtual events organized by Recognized Student Organizations.

So don't be a "jerk-o-lantern" because it's not "witchful-thinking." Together we can "put-a-spell" on COVID-19 this Halloween.

Creep-it-real with these ideas

Do's and Don'ts this Halloween


  • Wear a face covering over your nose and mouth.
  • Avoid indoor dining/bars, especially those that are loud and require shouting to communicate.
  • Create a “bubble” (a small circle of people) that you “hang” with. Make sure to include your “household” in the bubble and be accountable to them and them to you about outside interactions. Limit your in-person interactions (outside of classes) to this bubble.
  • Avoid crowds, even if masked, and keep a 6-foot distance.
  • Get your flu shot.
  • Take quarantine or isolation requirements seriously. We know no one wants to get the call about needing to take this step, but we must all be prepared to follow instructions if this occurs. If you are required to quarantine or isolate it is imperative that you remain in your personal space and do not have interactions with others to limit the spread. In housing, violating this requirement can result in serious student conduct concerns and this obviously puts our larger community at risk too. Students should know that even in quarantine or isolation, you are not alone. Take care of your mental health and utilize resources during this time (e.g. University Counseling Center, Center for Student Wellness, Mindfulness Center, Student Leadership & Involvement, etc.). We know it’s hard to have less social interaction in-person and this makes finding new ways to take care of ourselves even more important.
  • Hold your peers accountable in a “care-frontational" way. It is easy to get annoyed with peers who may decide to make a decision with which you disagree or are outside the bounds of public health guidelines. It's ok to confront issues that you feel may be putting our community at risk. There are a variety of resources for navigating confrontation and conflict in a healthy way, learn more through internal and external resources with the Peace & Conflict Studies.
  • Report it if you feel someone in your bubble has violated community standards here.


  • Contribute to the spread of COVID-19 this Halloween.

As we strive to be “One U” this approaching holiday season, remember, we're all in this together. And have a fang-tastic Halloween while practicing #safesix!