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Ride SPIN on campus this fall

With 100 e-scooters and 50 e-bikes on campus, students, employees and visitors have affordable and sustainable transportation options.

This month, SPIN will deploy 100 e-scooters and 50 e-bikes directly on campus—providing students, employees and visitors an affordable and sustainable transportation option to access the University of Utah and surrounding destinations.

SPIN and the university have developed a first-of-its-kind strategic partnership anchored by a comprehensive shared mobility program to support student research, drive revenue and enhance transportation safety on campus.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with the leading micro-mobility partner, SPIN, to bring world-class resources to our students, staff, and faculty in a way that will allow them to navigate the unique challenges physically on our campus,” said Brett Eden, director of Auxiliary Business Development and Ginger Cannon, active transportation manager. “This partnership brings opportunities for student employment, internships, research funding, and added safety infrastructure for communications.”

Why does the university support a shared mobility program like SPIN as a campus transportation choice?

The university has publicly committed to achieving climate neutrality. Transportation emissions are a substantial part of the university’s carbon impact. Therefore, having a partnership with a shared mobility provider like SPIN supports the university’s commitment to achieving climate neutrality.

Research proves that shared mobility is an important and increasingly popular part of the transportation system. Some impacts of shared mobility include increased transportation accessibility, reduced driving, and decreased personal vehicle ownership—all of which reduce vehicle emissions that harm our air quality.

What to expect this fall

This fall semester, even more SPIN e-scooters and bikes will be available in various locations throughout campus. Riders must download the SPIN app available on the App Store and Google Play to unlock the scooters. The cost for renting a SPIN device is $1 to unlock, plus $1 per minute.

Parking rules for SPIN scooters and e-bikes on campus are different than in the city. On campus, you’ll be required to park in a designated parking area, which are marked as white boxes on the pavement, and are also visible in the SPIN mobile app. Riders cannot complete their ride and will continue to be charged if they do not park in the designated parking area. SPIN e-scooters and e-bikes are never allowed to be ridden or parked in any university building.

SPIN riders must adhere to safety regulations outlined in the University Policy 3-232 and the SPIN terms and conditions. Additionally, riders must yield to pedestrians, obey the roadway rules and adhere to traffic signs and signals. Helmets use is strongly encouraged.

Stay tuned for more information on the SPIN program coming this fall. To learn more, visit the SPIN page on the Commuter Services website.