Rewarding professionals

By Anna Renzetti, assistant director for marketing, Career & Professional Development Center

The Career and Professional Development Center held its inaugural recognition awards on April 2, 2019, at the Alumni House. This exciting awards reception recognized 50 individuals, including motivated students, dedicated faculty, a committed advisor, an exceptional employer and an outstanding alumni mentor, who went above and beyond to support students in their career development process during the 2018-19 academic year.

Some examples of award recipients’ work include:

  • A student using Portuguese skills to improve the aesthetics industry in Brazil.
  • A faculty member designing a new class, specifically to help students learn the most innovative and relevant concepts in their chosen field.
  • An alumni mentor encouraging a student to get out of their comfort zone to present their research, increasing their self-confidence forever.

One highlight of the evening was the keynote address from President Ruth V. Watkins, where she supported the importance of collaborative efforts for career development.

“The critical work that helps us achieve the strategic goal of ensuring student success are internships, faculty mentoring, staff support and leadership,” Watkins said. “All of these tactics drive up the success of our students.”

Watkins’ address was followed by the processional of award recipients, which are featured below.

The Career & Professional Development Center partnered with several generous sponsors to acknowledge and award the night’s winners. Partnerships included the University of Utah Federal Credit Union, the Parent Fund, the Alumni Association of the University of Utah, the MUSE Project, the University of Utah Honors College and the University of Utah College of Social and Behavioral Science.

The CPDC Recognition Awards Reception will be held as an annual event, with nominations occurring from August to February.

For more information about the awards and criteria, click here.

2019 Career & Professional Development Center Honorees:

Outstanding Leader Award
Presented to University of Utah President Ruth Watkins by Stan Inman, director of the Career & Professional Development Center

Faculty Recognition Award
Presented to the following faculty (from left to right):

(Back row) Pratt Rogers, Kelly MacArthur, Natasha Seegert, Katherine J. W. Baucom, Nitin Phadnis, John McLennan, Masood Parvania

(Front row) Ryan Bown, Akiko Kamimura, Kilo Zamora

Advisor of the Year Award
Presented to Ashley Glenn, academic advisor in International & Area Studies

Alumni Mentor of the Year Award
Presented to Andrew Carey by Todd Andrews, executive director for Alumni Relations and Constituent Engagement

Employer of the Year Award
Presented to Aqua-Yield Operations by former intern Kyle Isaacson

(From left to right): Clark Bell (CEO), Mike Bullock (COO), Grayson Bell (operations technician), Kyle Isaacson (former intern)

Internship of the Year Award
Presented to the following students (from left to right):

(Back row) Nicholas Liddell, Marin Murdock, Lauren Newton, Gillian Stucki, Edouard Giacomin

(Front row) Meredith Searight, Kathryn Calderon, Angelina Termunde, Allen Salazar on behalf of Daniel Salazar. Not pictured: Jennifer Stout.

Suit Up Scholar Award
Presented to the following students (in no particular order):

Amy Nguyen, Anthony Phero, Ariel Flores Mena, Bryce Alex, Danielle McLaughlin, Devon Gethers, Elizabeth Valle, Elom Amematsro, Emily Kam, GaYoung Moon, Janet Tran, Jenny Huynh, Joanne Castillo, Kaitlin McLean, Landon Crowthe, Lea Karabegovic, Matthew Spurrier, Michelle James, Minerva Saucedo, Nathaniel Ferre, Olivia Mauchley, Rebecca Jensen, Sarah Orozoco, Shayma Salih, Thalia Tran, Victoria Ferguson, Wendy Vazquez

Congratulations to our 27 Suit Up Scholar Recipients, awarded for their commitment to their professional success.

David Eccles School of Business Faculty Award Winners

In a similar event, the David Eccles School of Business presented Business Career Services Faculty Career Mentor Awards and Business Career Services Faculty Partnership Awards.

Honorees of the David Eccles School of Business Career Services Faculty Career Mentor Awards, Dean Taylor Randall, Assistant Dean Katie Abby, student presenters and executives from CHG Healthcare, recipients of the Corporate Partners Award are pictured (from left to right):

(Front row): Lauren Mortensen, Katie Abby, Rachel Heitz, Joseph Hsu, Hadlee Selman, Diana Martinez, Dakshata Pradhan

(Back row): Jesse Spencer, Paxton Merrill, Rob Millard, Paul Shaw, Troy Davis, Scott Pickett, Jennifer Cummings, Marci Butterfield, Don Wardell, Cameron Jensen, Taylor Randall