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Reframing the Conversation: ‘Good Trouble & The Redline’

How redlining works and what we can do to combat its effects.

The divisions of modern U.S. cities and de-facto segregation did not arise by accident. A combination of real estate practices, federal loan programs and even local ordinances help reinforce a process known as “redlining.” Redlining, as well as forced migration and pervasive environmental racism have all contributed to divisions and current policies in our major cities that have left marginalized communities disenfranchised.

In recognition of MLK Week 2021, the January edition of the Reframing the Conversation series examined what enabled these policies to shape our communities and what can be done to combat their effects.

Watch the full conversation below and find a transcript along with related campus and community resources here.

Each month, Reframing the Conversation brings together experts from across campus and the community to spark important conversations around racism, othering and safety. The next event on Feb. 10 will be titled, “Black is not a monolith.” Learn more and register to attend here.