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Our commitment to the campus community

Dear faculty and staff,

This week marks the start of the Utah 2024 General Legislative Session. We anticipate a series of critical policy discussions with the potential to significantly impact the University of Utah and higher education broadly.

We are actively advocating for our university, providing input, and constantly working with legislators to build shared understanding of our mission and activities. We will continue to do so for the remainder of the session and bill-signing period.

With the announcement of H.B. 261 Equal Opportunity Initiatives, we anticipate a lively public debate regarding equity, diversity and inclusion programs at the U and institutions of higher learning. We have been and will continue to strategically engage in this dialogue. We understand this announcement prompts many questions about the future of the university’s cohesive community, ongoing efforts to support success and well-being, and our continued pursuit of research that encompasses a wide variety of perspectives, experiences and backgrounds.

We reaffirm today that we are a campus that welcomes everyone, across geography, ideology and identity. The things that make us different are a source of strength, central to furthering our mission to create new knowledge and prepare students for success. We believe in the power of a place where everyone belongs.

While some of our processes may change to comply with state laws and Utah System of Higher Education policies, we remain committed to building bridges between communities, creating opportunities for connection, and fostering a healthy campus environment where everyone has an opportunity to succeed.

We will continue to work toward supporting and strengthening that kind of community at the U, where the world is shaped through the possibility of answers, and the future begins with the hope of each successful student.


Taylor R. Randall, President

Mitzi M. Montoya, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Michael L. Good, Senior Vice President for Health Sciences