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Community Forum | October 2021

Chief Facilities Officer Robin Burr provided details for 22 projects and answered pre-submitted questions.

Recap of the October 28, 2021, Community Forum

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The agenda for this meeting focused on providing status updates for the various design and construction projects currently underway on the University of Utah campus. Robin Burr, chief facilities officer for the University of Utah, provided details for 22 projects and answered questions that were submitted from the event registration page. The PowerPoint presentation is available for download here.

The meeting was recorded and the unedited video can be viewed in its entirety below. The majority of the information was covered and the section following the video lists the slide number, the title, and the timestamp when each slide is covered to aid with quickly identifying projects at a glance.

Watch the full meeting below.

Featured presentation by Chief Facilities Officer Robin Burr

The following questions were submitted in advance but not covered in the presentation.