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New health training required for staff and faculty

The online module reviews proper sanitation, hygiene and physical distancing practices.

The University of Utah, like Salt Lake City, remains in the orange phase in our coronavirus health safety plan. That means that with very limited exceptions most employees should continue to work remotely. U of U Health has its own guidelines and protocols.

As our campus and campus services slowly begin to reopen—especially in the fall—all staff and faculty (excluding hospital and clinics staff and health sciences clinicians) will need to complete an online health training module that reviews proper sanitation, hygiene and physical distancing practices. Once completed, you will need to electronically sign an attestation stating you will abide by all safety protocols.

You can access the training and related forms at You will also receive a link to the training directly from Human Resources. We encourage you to complete this training as soon as possible.

A student training also is in development.

A couple of points on students:

  • On June 15, the Office of the Vice President for Research will release a policy governing undergraduate research.
  • Student-athletes will begin returning to campus over a phased, nine-week period beginning June 15. Athletics is providing health training and instituting safety protocols for these students.

Please note that when it is appropriate to shift to a yellow phase, the University of Utah’s move will lag about a week behind Salt Lake City’s move in order to provide time to set up laboratories and other campus facilities appropriately.

We expect that only researchers, students currently living in on-campus housing, student-athletes, select personnel (such as library and Campus Store staff, some administrators and facilities staff who will begin preparing campus for the fall semester) will be on campus now and as we move from the orange phase to the yellow phase.

Protecting the safety and well-being of our entire community—students, staff, faculty, patients and visitors—is paramount as we plan for fall during the coronavirus pandemic. We are relying on guidance from health experts and state and federal authorities in our planning, which also will closely align with what our institutional peers in Utah and other states are doing.

This is a very fluid situation and we recognize that new developments—from surges in coronavirus cases to confirmation of a vaccine—may require us to adjust our plan and make new decisions in the weeks and months ahead. With that in mind, we will continue to provide frequent updates.

We understand the significant uncertainty and anxiety that has accompanied this pandemic. We are in this together. Our success in meeting the challenges before us require a shared commitment to abide by our guidelines, to be agile and flexible as needed, and to treat each other with patience and kindness as we work to fulfill our mission as the state’s flagship university.

Thank you!

Jeff Herring
Chief Human Resources Officer